The Event

Every summer since 1992 we’ve been putting up our marquees at Ashburnham Place in East Sussex and enjoying rich times of worship, Bible teaching and fellowship. There’s something amazing about being among more than a thousand people lifting up their voices and thirsting after more of the power of the Spirit in their lives. There’s accessible, practical theology for new believers, but the chance to really delve into the Bible in the seminar streams.

What do people say about Revive?

Revive is fun because you get to learn about Jesus while spending time with your friends

Micah, age 10

Great teaching, excellent worship. Good sense of family and togetherness, lots of opportunity for prayer ministry.

It’s a joy to bring people who don’t yet know Jesus as their Saviour, they always meet Him there!

Michelle, schools worker

The Lord has blessed me very much with such a rich week and lovely people. I want to thank you all for the hard work & time & prayer put in to this whole event.

At Revive I find… a sense of community, all camping together – deepens friendships beyond just once a week Sunday meet-ups. There is powerful and anointed worship, and I appreciate being able to immerse myself in extended times of worship. The surroundings are peaceful and beautiful which prompt me to slow down from the usual busy pace of life, and to reflect on our Creator. The Missions Fair is always a highlight – its so great to hear about the amazing things God is doing around the world, and to feel like we can partner with the work.

Laura, mum and charity administrator

Revive is a taste of heaven on earth! There are so many opportunities to get deeper into the Word, know freedom in worship, receive prayer and build relationships with fellow Christians. The Ashburnham grounds are stunning and you can sense the years of prayer that have happened there. It’s a peaceful and tranquil place which is the perfect place to get refreshed and re-charged. I love Revive!

Louise, music teacher

Revive is such a blessing and may it continue for years to come and draw many into God’s kingdom.

We bring people because we have found that our church values having the time together, it’s great for envisioning our local church. We love reconnecting with people at Revive. As a family we love serving and find it such a blessing. It is also great to hear what God is doing all over the world.


Revive is the highlight of my year, every year. Its great to get to know people from around the country and the world.

Robert, age 16

Revive is the best because there are a range of activities to do through the week for everyone and secrets to find with God and for yourself.

Austin, age 11

My summer wouldn’t be complete without Revive.

David, age 13

Everything especially the prayer ministry & teaching. This year was more powerful than the last. I felt the intense love of Jesus this week & freedom. I got my first love back.

We have been coming to Revive for over 20 years; there is always a real sense of the Lord’s presence. We are so grateful for the impact it has had on our own lives, on our family and on the church. We alway come expecting to hear the Lord speak.

Adrian, retired teacher

I love Revive for the chance to spend an extended amount of time with folk from church, to get wonderful biblical input (EVEN when volunteering) and to have extended times of worship where there’s a sense of not having to rush off from the Lord’s presence.

Andrew, paramedic