In the house

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How can I volunteer?

When you come to book in for Revive, there’s a section you can fill out to apply for a position on one of the Revive teams. Alternatively, get in touch and we’ll send you a staff application pack. If you’re already booked in but want to apply to volunteer, visit the volunteer application page – have your booking reference ready.

There are loads of opportunities to volunteer at Revive – stewarding, site team, working with the children and youth – you don’t have to have previous experience for many of the roles, and you get a discount on coming to Revive too.

Is the mobile reception good at Ashburnham?

Mobile reception is not very good at Ashburnham – it is, after all, deep in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex. There are limited patches of call coverage around the house, but little-to-no 3G/4G access.

Is there wifi?

There is a limited wifi service available for those staying in the house, but nothing for campers, unfortunately. Luckily Revive takes place amongst wonderful scenery. Instead of going on Facebook, have a nice walk around the lake.

What does the programme look like?

The Revive programme is packed with things to do, but each day looks broadly the same. There are early-morning prayer meetings for the hardy, all-together family worship in the main marquee before the young people go their various venues, with an extended worship and word for the adults. Seminars and workshops take place in the morning and afternoon, followed by an evening celebration.

Sunday and Wednesday tend to be more relaxed – we invite all the people who couldn’t make it for the whole week to come along on the Sunday instead of our church meetings in London and beyond, and Wednesday is the traditional day of our village fete, where there’s all sorts of fun and game to be had.

What is there for the kids to do?

One of the great things about Revive is that it genuinely is for the whole family – there are programmes for everyone from toddlers and upwards. Our teams love what they do and work hard to create an experience for your children that will set them up for a new school year or life beyond.

Is it just for Ichthus people?

Not at all! –People come from all over the country (and indeed the world!) because they enjoy the friendly, family atmosphere of Revive.

What’s the worship like?

It depends what session you go to – the day starts and ends with reflective worship in the morning and evening sacrifice sessions, altogether family worship in the ‘Good Morning Revive!’ sessions and powerful moments of praise and exaltation in the evening celebrations. Check out some of the songs we’ll be singing on the Ichthus worship page.

What if I can no longer come to Revive?

In case your circumstances change after you have booked, please let us know that you won’t be joining us in writing or drop an email to revive@ichthus.org.uk.

Room cancellations:

House cancellations made before the 21st June will be re-listed for sale until the end of the 21st June. A full refund, minus the 10% booking admin fee, will be given only upon successful resale of the room.

House cancellations from the 22nd June will not receive any refund.

Camping cancellations:

Camping cancellations before the 21st June will be given a full refund minus the 10% booking admin fee.

Camping cancellations from the 22nd June will be given a 50% refund of the total booking value.

Pass your booking on:

If it is a like-for-like booking, you’re welcome to pass your room or camping booking over to someone else before the 15th July, this will incur no fees. You will need to let us know who the new booking holder is and sort out any financial remuneration between yourself and the new booking holder.


Can I just camp for a few days?

Sure, no problem. It might not be possible to camp with the corral of your choice if you arrive during the week, but check out the prices page to see day passes and overnight camping.

Are there electricity hookups for caravans?

Unfortunately we don’t have the facility to provide electricity hookups for caravans.

What are the facilities like for campers?

Ashburnham Place is a country house for 51 weeks of the year, but we bring along enough creature comforts to provide a good standard of campsite for Revive guests. There are toilets, hot showers, washing-up stations, water taps and mobile charging points at various points around the site. We can’t guarantee the weather, but we do try to make things as nice as possible.

Can I buy gas/ice/food on-site?

The Village Shop near the main marquee is well-stocked with everyday food basics and camping essentials, including gas and ice. If you need more substantial supplies, there is a supermarket in Battle, just up the road from Ashburnham Place.

Can we bring pets?

Unfortunately dogs and other pets are not allowed on the Ashburnham site. There are exceptions for guide dogs – get in touch with the office so that we can make arrangements.

In the house

Do I need to bring towels?

If you are staying in an en-suite, towels will be provided. Otherwise you will need to bring your own.

Is it full board?

House accommodation is half-board, meaning breakfast and dinner. For lunch you could eat at the food court near the main marquee. Alternatively, if you happen to be walking by some friends on the campsite, they may invite you to share their barbeque.

When are the meals?

Breakfast in the house is from 8–9:15am; dinner is 5:30–6:30pm. On Sunday there is no evening meal due to the early evening celebration at 5:30pm, in which case you’ll have lunch in the house from 12:45–2pm.

What’s the difference between en-suite, standard and value?

En-suite rooms have their own bathrooms, standard rooms generally share a bathroom between two rooms and value rooms in Tent Hill House have a large communal bathroom in each wing. The en-suite rooms are in the newest part of the estate, but value rooms have recently been refurbished.